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Hall of Fame

About the Roosevelt High School Alumni Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created by the RHS Foundation in 2013 to recognize and honor the accomplishments of RHS graduates, former RHS staff and contributors, both living and deceased, who bring pride and inspiration to Roosevelt, the community, and society.  The recognition of these individuals is intended to highlight and encourage a tradition of excellence, commitment, and personal dedication at RHS.

The RHS Foundation, Hall of Fame Committee is taking nominations for class inductees.  A fully-completed nomination form, and any support materials, must be submitted for a nominee to be considered for the award.

Eligibility Criteria for Nomination

Nominees shall fall into one of three categories:

  • Alumni of RHS – Must be ten years since graduation
  • RHS Faculty/Staff – Must have had ten years as a staff member, and have been retired at least five years.
  • Contributors to RHS – Must have given sustained extraordinary contributions for the betterment of RHS students, staff and community.
  • Nominees must have:
    • Shown dedication and/or made significant contributions to the RHS community and/or represented RHS with dignity upon leaving the school.
    • Upheld the integrity of RHS ideals both at RHS and in the world.
    • Brought recognition to themselves and/or RHS due to successful endeavors.
  • Nominees must have:
    • Achieved excellence in a professional service such as athletics, law, education, medicine and health, science and engineering, government, journalism, clergy, etc.
    • Achieved outstanding success in commercial endeavors such as trade, business, agriculture, or industry.
    • Demonstrated high achievement in one or more recognized fields of cultural endeavor, such as music, theater, dance, literature, sculptor, painting, etc.

Hall of Fame Guidelines

The Hall of Fame nominations and selection process will be governed by the following guidelines:

  • Nominees selected to the RHS hall of Fame will be selected based upon set eligibility requirements. These requirements shall be upheld by the Hall of Fame Committee, and exceptions may be made only in extra-ordinary circumstances by four-fifths majority of the committee.
  • Nominations will be accepted through 12/1/2024.  Honorees will be notified in April  of 2025.  The award ceremony will be held in Fall of 2025, exact date to be announced.
  • The RHS Foundation Hall of Fame hard copy of the form must be used to nominate an individual. As much detail as possible should be provided on the form.
  • Nominations can be submitted via mail to the RHS Hall of Fame - Barb Pederson at 9407 Old Cedar Avenue S. Bloomington, MN 55425 or
  • Nominees or their families will be contacted to give their consent for consideration, and to verify data on the nomination form.
  • Nominations will not be made public.
  • All nominations and corresponding materials become the property of the RHS Foundation. Nominations will not be returned to the nominator, reprinted for the nominee or otherwise distributed.
  • Individuals nominated for the current award cycle, but not selected, may be considered for award in future years.

2025 Hall of Fame Nominations

Now accepting the 2025 Hall of Fame Inductee Nominations.  

Due 12/1/2024